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posted by evolution on Jul 3

Celebrate July 4th with 3 Catalina and Tensor LED String Lights


String is the Thing. | For stylish convenience and efficient versatility, try a garland of LED lights.


              Sparks are flying! It’s that time of year again where the smell of barbecue fills the air and kids are eagerly anticipating the fireworks to come. With all of these festivities happening, why not look to update your home décor with some versatile (and fun!) string lights? We here at Catalina and Tensor have the goods to give your celebrations that extra oomph.


Evoking euphoria from first glance, string lights add a new spin on decorative lighting, giving creative spirits a fresh tool to add to their arsenal. Open your mind to the possibilities of practical string light arrangements. From hanging them wall to wall, cascading down straight from the ceiling, or even coiling them up around a prop or object, string lights scream ‘versatility’. Check out a small selection of our string lights and consider bringing these novelties into your home, for the season or even year-round.
20414-003 (2)First, we have the Catalina Max 138-Inch Faceted Caged Metal LED String Lights, 20414-003. Caged metal designs in a gold finish encase 10 LED lights, forming our festive Caged Metal LED String Lights. Easily suspended along banisters, windows, bed boards, or home bars, our string lights create a unique ambiance for your residence. Two spare bulbs and one fuse are included with our AC powered, LED String Lights. LED lights use less energy than traditional incandescent lamps, saving you money. They also produce less heat, which is more conformable for smaller areas.
20407-001 (3)Next, in a silver finish, we have our Catalina Oscar 138-Inch Star LED String Lights 20407-001. Iron-crafted star designs encase 10 LED lights to form the magical Silver Star LED String Lights. Two spare bulbs and one fuse are included with our AC powered, Silver Star LED String Lights. Updating the light fixtures in your home is the most effective way to accomplish a striking, yet simple, Do It Yourself (DIY) remodel.
20409-000 (3)


Finally, there is the Catalina Spirit 96-Inch Fairy Bottle LED String Lights 20409-001. Featuring ten, clear bottles with three mini LED lights in each, our Fairy Bottle LED String Lights create instant, merry appeal. An AC cord powers the Fairy Bottle LED String Lights.
Celebrate this Independence Day by adding a unique flavor of lighting to your home. String lights are the thing to have this festive summer season, so rest assured, Catalina and Tensor has you covered!



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