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posted by evolution on Sep 5

Top 5 Tips to Decorate Your New Apartment


There are certain milestones in life that many of us strive towards. Learning to walk, going to school, graduating, moving out, these are all big steps in the lives of many. One of the biggest milestones in life is finally living on your own. It’s the real deal now. Consider dorm life a thing of the past; shared responsibilities with roommates aren’t so easy to come by anymore. Creating a homey vibe in your new place will take time, but the process can begin even before moving day. Research is your friend, and will save you money by looking in the right places.


It can be daunting not knowing the right way to express yourself and trying to get the look you want in your new pad, but by following a few of our expert design tips, you’ll feel right at home in no time!


1. Paint the Walls

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A big empty space is sure to spin the creative wheels in your mind, and one of the most important details that you’ll want to nail sooner rather than later is the color of the walls in your new place. Going for a clean, modern look? Stick to your whites. In the mood for something a bit more out of the box? Consider decking out those walls in brighter blues, reds, or even yellows!


2. Versatile Furniture

When you’re just getting to know the ins and outs of your apartment, it can be quite the puzzle to figure out just what furniture you want and where you want it. Don’t fret! By investing in versatile furniture, you can play around with pieces to your heart’s content to accomplish a multitude of tasks.

daybed border




Functioning as both a comfy spot to sit on and to sleep, consider incorporating a daybed into your apartment layout for increased multi-functional furniture.



ct area rug border



Area Rugs

Area rugs are great for a number of reasons: 1. they effortlessly make a room feel more decorated. 2. They can be used to cover up scuffs or a dirty spot on the floor. 3. When used tactfully, they can be used as a general focal point for where you want the center of the room to be.




3. Splashes of Colorct splash of color



Arguably the best part of decorating your first apartment is getting to add your own personal touches and making it truly feel your own. Don’t be afraid to make it pop with color! Colorful pieces of furniture and décor will make the different spaces of your home stand out and demand attention.



4. Ambient & Useful Lighting

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A crucial part of the home decorating process that will make all the difference in the world is something we hold close to our hearts – lighting. Whether you’re looking for something functional, decorative, or a combination of the two, Catalina & Tensor Lighting products have you covered. Creating a unique and comfortable ambience in your apartment is done with a great attention to lighting. Here we have multiple Catalina pendants (20397-001,20396-000,20395-000) alongside the Catalina Etagere Floor Lamp (19305-000). Any of these are sure to give your new apartment that ambient glow you’re looking for.


5. Spruce Up with Plants

ct plants

Still missing something? After you’ve finished up decorating most of your new apartment, consider adding some plants to add another vibrant dynamic that will make the whole place feel more natural and lived in.


Life after college can be intimidating, and these are only a few tips, but the possibilities are endless. Mix and match to create a new living space that suits your style, and before you know it, you’ll feel right at home!

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