Evolution Lighting LLC is not your ordinary lighting company. We pride ourselves on bringing cutting-edge lighting technology, trends and innovations to markets in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and South America. We are evolving the way consumers illuminate their daily lives in cooperation with our retail partnerships on a global basis.

Our headquarters is located in sunny Miami, Florida. To support our everyday business operations, we have offices and warehouses in Connecticut, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Ontario, Canada.

Our greatest strength is in our ability to maintain strong relationships with designers, manufacturers, and our valued retail partners. We are continuously a step ahead of lighting technology and trends which make it easy for our retail partners to offer lighting solutions that are currently in demand.

There is a good chance that if you have bought lighting products from National Retail Chains, Big Box, Independent Retailers, and Furniture Showrooms, you have already purchased product from Evolution Lighting and have experienced the difference quality lighting makes in your home or business environment.

Our lighting solutions are sold under many trade names including Catalina, Tensor, JAlexander, Vision Max, Cresswell, Alsy, Aziano and Electrix. Our lighting products are also sold under private brand labels that are exclusive to our select retail partners.

We have a “Can Do” Corporate culture when it comes to our client’s needs. We keep our eyes to the future and our designers and engineers busy in the development lab working on custom designs, patented lighting technology and turnkey marketing solutions. Our 30 plus years of knowledge, global resources, and commitment to our clients assure we offer the best and brightest lighting solutions available in the market.

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