Our ellumi LED under cabinet light safely eliminates up to 99%* of bacteria and over 25 germs while illuminating your surface.  There is no UV light or chemicals used in our ellumi™ line of products; ensuring the safety of your family & pets. The lighting technology used in ellumi™ excites certain molecules in harmful microorganisms through photo-activation to produce Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), causing cell wall damage and death over time. 

Our GLO GRO product is revolutionizing the “grow industry” giving plant enthusiasts the option to successfully nurture and grow plants indoors better than anywhere else, no matter the season or location. Whether a city-dweller in a small apartment or just someone who wants to create a lush indoor environment, GLO GRO is the perfect self-contained growth system.

Never be left in the dark again. A patented, 60-Watt equivalent LED Recessed Lighting Retrofit, The Backer detects power outages, switching its (self-charging) back-up battery ‘on’ to activate its integrated LED light for up to 90 minutes (at 200 Lumens). Made in matte white, fitting 5-inch or 6-inch housings, The Backer features SwitchSense trademarked technology and is designed to detect the difference between an open light switch circuit and a power outage.

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