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This Ingenious Light Keeps Your Shower Germ and Mold-Free

House Beautiful - August 24, 2018

Especially now that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made me aware of the more than 160,000 people who die in the U.S. each year from infectious diseases, you bet your cough drops I'll have my Clorox Disinfecting Wipes on hand 24/7 to scrub down every surface obsessively.

Couple that with just how annoying it can be to constantly scrub down every surface, and you're probably already groaning to yourself. Happy fall, y'all! Thankfully, though, there's a game-changer for your kitchen and bathroom: the Ellumi Bacteria-Killing Shower Light from Evolution Lighting.

The LEDs don't just brighten the room — they kill up to 99 percent of bacteria, according to the company's press release. While it's ideal for the shower, it can also be used in other rooms to target surfaces within 9 feet. Seriously, all you do is flip a switch, shifting the light from "standard mode" to "disinfection mode," which helps it kill off mold, mildew, and other germs. Which means less time scrubbing your grout, theoretically.

The lights use tech from medical startup Vital Vio, which emit light at a wavelength that's not harmful to people but strong enough to stave off bacteria. No harmful chemicals, no ultra-violet lights, less work on your end to keep things clean — it all sounds too good to be true.

CNET investigated the lights further, finding that Ellumi cites two studies to back up the light's effectiveness. One found that an LED disinfection system "significantly reduced" surface contamination in a hospital trauma room over the course of 15 weeks. The other was shorter — 96 hours long — finding that Vital Vio's lights got rid of germs that lead to staph infections, though tests on select harmful bugs (namely CRE and C. difficile) were less conclusive.

So, that said, new lights don't get you off the hook from ever having to clean again, but they may dramatically cut back on the amount of time you spend scrubbing. And sniffling.

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